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Welcome to Alternative Hope for HepC!

I've dedicated this website to those living with Hepatitis C or loving someone with HepC that are looking for solutions! Do you have Hepatitis C and have failed treatment? Or maybe you are like so many others and you're a high risk for Interferon treatment? Or if you were like me, and now hundreds of others that have contacted me you 'knew' right away that the Interferon Combo was not for you! I'm glad you found me. You're in the right place!!!

I've had my website up for nearly 15 years now. I'll do my best here to try and answer some questions for you. And hopefully share some ideas about an Alternative Program that helps you detoxify and supports healthier liver functions. Giving your body a fighting chance by simply making a few changes with your diet, life-style and most importantly how you think about yourself. I have Hepatitis C myself. I'll share how I quickly got my numbers down and have kept them down for years and years now. You too can live a healthier and much longer life! Give your liver and immune system the very best Alternative Support out there. Believe me, I understand the fear and stigma that can come with Hepatitis C. And I personally know just how frustrating and confusing it can be learning you have 'it.' And I personally know just how powerful our thoughts and our attitudes can be. How a subtle shift in energy can change every-thing. And I also know first hand just how wonderful it feels knowing my body has responded so well to this program! And now countless others too have now over the years! We just stick with it. Healthier life = a healthier liver. I love that I won't ever need to do the drugs! My intention here is to share my Experience, Strength and Hope. May you find Love and that much needed Peace of Mind here also.

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Thank you for letting me share my story…

My name is Diana Donaldson and today I have a whole new life! I live happily here in Southern California. I'm in my mid-fifty's. And I found out I had HepC over 14 years ago. Today, by the Grace of God I've been clean and sober for over 24 years. And I absolutely love my life! I deeply love God and being of service. I love my family and friends. And love my work helping others. Today I have a deep respect and passion for all Life and Healing. I can say that when I was first diagnosed with HepC in 1998 it rocked my world. I was so frightened - Oh my God!!! I had no idea who to turn to and it was 4th of July weekend! Thankfully all that's changed.

In July of 1998 I was feeling really run down - just awful. I was tired almost all the time. I had horrible-horrible headaches back then and 3 different doctors couldn't find out what they were from. They weren't migraines. I looked worn out and was very crabby. That was depressing too. Why? I was loosing way too much weight. And started loosing hair in the shower. I had these red itchy patches on my legs that itched so bad it kept me awake at night. I now understand they were from toxins literally coming out of my skin! My liver was overloaded with crud. My eyesight seemed blurred and getting worse and worse. So after running routine blood tests they found my liver enzymes, the AST & ALT were elevated. My doctor then ran a Hepatitis C serum test and that came back positive. Then he sent me to a Gastro. The Gastro ran more tests and the PCR or viral load test came back high over 1 Million. Right away he wanted to start me on an Interferon Trial. So he ran a genotype test. It came back Type 1a I had by then read that Genotypes 1a and 1b are the hardest to treat with Interferon. (This was 14 years ago and treating 1a & 1b has not improved.) When I got back to work I pulled up a mile long list of side effects! No Way I thought! There's gotta be a better, less invasive, natural way. The Gastro had said there were 'no guarantees' and the odds for a successful treatment for 1a or 1b were the lowest. He said I could finish the treatment and go through all the possible side-effect and still not fully respond. What?! I didn't like those odds at all! I also read that for most non-responders - that after treatment the virus comes back with even stronger avenges. No way! Then I read the virus mutates after starting TX! Really? Making an even stronger strain of HCV!!! Already 10 years in recovery back then I was very aware of the dangers of Depression. And that being one of the highest possible side-effects really frightened me. I had a very dear friend that had tried the INF TX that dealt with the Depression beforehand and he relapsed. I feel they had no business starting him on TX with his history. Depression can be a big issue with Interferon.

The one gift I did get that afternoon in the Gastro's office was he put the fear of God in me regarding the real dangers of Cirrhosis and possible Liver Cancer. I heard him loud and clear that I had to get into definite action and right away. He stressed big time not just sitting back thinking it would 'take care of itself' because Hepatitis C does not! HepC is chronic. HepC generally can be slow moving - but not in all cases. Later that week I was directed to a Natural Doctor treating his patients successfully with an Alternative Treatment. My parents were both really into nutrition and my Mom told me about him. I started this program with the Microhydrin Plus & the Super Foods back then. And wow! I started feeling better right away. No more headaches! Lots more Energy! No more itching and my skin cleared up almost immediately! My eyes seemed to focus better and weren't blurry any more! The brain fog lifted quickly and my thinking was clearer. AND 6 months later my very first blood work came back with ALL my liver functions 100% normal ! The AST & ALT were now 100% in the low normal range! And the high PCR/Viral Load had dropped down over 2/3rds down to 330,000 from over 1 million at the first blood-work. Wow!

Respectfully, I need to say that everyone has choices here. And this is a very personal choice. You may be just finding out you have HepC and I'd say please don't allow yourself to be bullied into any quick decisions. Don't allow fear to frighten you into making a wrong choice. Do your homework! And please ask lots questions. Don't get hung up on how you got it, when, or the blame game. The important thing is the actions you take NOW! You are making choices that can affect the rest of your life. Know there can be lasting side effects to INF treatment. And there could be negative effects from just ignoring 'it' too and thinking it will just go away. You can't imagine how many people have emailed or called me in the past nearly 15 years! It's been awesome helping out. I never imagined this would be my life! People contact me from all walks of life. Most very frightened in the beginning. And others feel hopeless after failing another round of TX. I've made friends from all over the world - one person at a time. And I've heard lots and lots of good news back too from people that have stuck with this program! I've heard it all… Only you can decide when it comes time to choose what treatment is best for you. You could be one of the lucky ones the INF TX works for. Or you may be one of the Non-responders. Wondering which way to go next? I personally know lots and lots of people that once failed TX that're doing excellent now on my program. And there's been lots and lots of people that have benefited greatly by cleaning up their system first and then going on the INF TX if there a genotype 2 or 3 that responds. They seem to handle the treatment better after detoxing. I think they were better responders because they had first cleaned up & built up their immune system. I believe with all my heart God has worked by all kinds of means to 'speak' to me in my learning process. And I'm grateful I've been open to listen. I learned that HepC can be silent and deadly. That Hep C left untreated will continue to do damage silently for years before you even feel any symptoms. And I've learned that you can live with the virus and live a healthy, long and strong life. And I've watched people respond and clear it too! I am so much healthier and happier today! I know my liver is much happier too. You can see the results on my blood work reports. And you can see the results in the sparkle in my eyes and the fresh tone of my skin. My skin looked gray back then. I've learned the do's and the don'ts and I'll list them here. I.e.: what to eat and what to stay away from. And I've learned what can be toxic. STRESS can be deadly. So learning to deal with day-to-day triggers for stress is a must. I let go of cigarettes 12 years ago. Sugar for the most part. More exercise, Juicing, Avoiding GMO's (genetically modified foods are so damaging to the Immune System!), eating mostly Organic, Yoga, Walking, Stretching, Meditation & Prayer all help. Did you know that our biochemistry shifts and changes with our Emotions? That a simple SMILE releases chemicals that heals and relaxes you. That ANGER really does 'sit' in the liver. Funny, clean up your liver and you'll feel the anger subside. And that stress really does fuel the dis-ease. So anger and stress can be harmful to your health. So can Alcohol! Drinking is like pouring gasoline onto a fire. Learn new ways to respond with love and forgiveness. I've learned not to react to everything. Let go of resentments. Its you that's getting 'burned' inside and that's your liver burning or hurting on the inside not the person your angry with. Are they or 'it' worth it? NOT! Solutions; Deep Breathing. Just stop and breathe. Take a 5-minute Walk. Stretch. Acupuncture, Massage, Quantum Biofeedback, Chi Gong, Yoga, and Energetic Work with a Healer, Prayer and Meditation all help. *Almost everyone I work with here in my practice has had a deficiency in Amino Acids and various nutrients whether they have HepC or not. It's the lack of nutrition in our American diets. Amino Acids are the building blocks for proteins & neuro-transmitters = energy and brain function. And we need certain Amino Acids to create healthy Serotonin levels too the feel happy and well-balanced. Amino Acids can be found in SUPER GREENS (Spirulina, Chorella, Wheat Grass blend.) It makes sense if your liver is toxic you're not absorbing the proper nutrients.

PLEASE learn what company's are GMO & Pestiside FREE! GMO's Genetically Modified Foods are POISON and can cause real damage to the Immune System and to your over all well-being. Make sense? Read on…


Adding FRESH LEMON to your water daily helps detoxify the liver! Drink more Spring Water! Add Lemon! But PLEASE do not add fresh lemon to your plastic water bottles ever!!! The chemicals in fresh lemon actually leach toxins out've the plastic and can be very harmful. They have been linked to possibly causing cancer. As has drinking out've plastic water bottles that have been left in a hot car to causing breast cancer. Word of caution with plastic! Its best to please use the new reusable glass bottles in the car for your 'to-go' water. When the plastic water bottles heat up in the car and those toxins from the plastic are released those toxins have now been linked to cancer. So, when at home just use a glass glass is best. Detoxing the liver and building up your Immune System to help fight HepC from the inside out made great sense to me. Helping to raise your pH and make your body less acidic made big sense to me too. Pesticides lower pH, diet sodas, all soda's lower pH junk foods lowers pH, GMO's lower pH, a dirty gut promotes low pH. All not good. Here's a few that will RAISE you pH! Higher pH helps to fight free-radicals stimulating T'cells & the Immune System! Drink spring water or filtered water. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables! Juice! SUPER GREENS daily! More Antioxidants! I had read before that patients with Cancer had done these amazing cleanses adding antioxidants, Lugols Iodine and all natural foods diets were often soon cancer free. I've read all I could get my hands on about raising our pH. The Antioxidant Microhydrin Plus is amazing at building up the body's natural pH quickly! and then raising the body's natural alkalinity and building up the Immune System and T-Cells is the way to go. These products also help detoxify & clean up the system faster. And they go after a wide range of free-radicals that can cause real damage and weaken the Immune System. Digestive enzymes with Probiotics are amazing too. Eating Greek yogurt (without all the sugars and fillers!), drinking kefir, and taking Acidophilus all help you clean up your system faster creating healthier bowel flora. Also, did you know that if you have taken a Anti-biotic in the past year that it has most likely wiped out all the 'friendly flora' out of your gut?! Big part of depression… And it's this friendly flora that fights off the bad flora or bacteria and helps keep our serotonin (feel good stuff) at normal levels. Many times people's immune system can be greatly weakened by what helped them initially (anti-biotics.) Digestion Formula = Digesting our food better helps with better absorption of nutrients which helps your body heal itself even faster. Taking Digestive Enzymes helps with better Digestion. Proper Colon function and Liver & Gall-bladder function = better absorption of your nutrients and a healthier stronger Immune System. Does your skin itch? The itchy skin I 'used' to have I found out was from poor Bile flow. It was a result of toxic build up of poisons in the Gall Bladder and Liver. Start cleaning up your system with Artichoke Clusters. They'll help get the junk moving out. So, once I started this program I began to detox all those poisons and my skin cleared up almost immediately! Relief! And no more hair loss in the shower either! Better absorption. Also, because of low absorption many people with hepC are lacking trace minerals, (add Liquid Trace Minerals daily) which are essential for healthy skin, hair and proper sleep. How's your sleep? I used to toss and turn all night and today I sleep really good! Deep, healing REM. Magnesium (a natural product called CALM) for one is essential for good sleep and healthy relaxed muscles. It's so good for Stress too. We need certain minerals for proper sleep and minerals and B Vitamins fight Stress too. Did you know the Liver is a major chemical factory? It cleanses and purifies the blood and our entire system. So if the Liver & Spleen are toxic it can mean your blood is toxic and all those old poisons and toxins are not exiting the body properly. Where are they?! Floating around in your blood stream that's where! No wonder I used to be tired all the time and couldn't think clearly. I was a toxic mess I'm sure clear down to a cellular level. Not the case today!

In 1999 I attended the NIH National Institute of Health's "Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Chronic Liver Disease" Conference in Bethesda, MD Pretty official stuff! I paid my own way as a patient wanting to learn. I took lots of notes and came back and put my website together hoping to share what I had learned. At that first Alternative Conference I heard right away to stay away from all products 'fortified' with Iron. Iron can be very toxic to a challenged liver. That means products like almost all cereals, soups, some dairy and some breads almost all can be loaded with fortified iron. I learned to read labels. And learned that Iron and Vitamin A can progress liver scar tissue. Fibrosis, if its already present. That means if you have Fibrosis or Cirrhosis Iron can speed up the scarring progression! A big no-no. I have not had a biopsy. I may have had some damage because of certain outside symptoms back in 1998 that gratefully after this program have ALL cleared up! I had dark circles under my eyes, redness on the palms of my hands and brown 'liver spots' on my hands and they've ALL gone away. I've thought it important to avoid Iron and Vitamin A as much as possible! I think its wise for anyone with Liver Disease to. Did you know that fats and sugars are really hard for the liver to break down and process? Stay away from fried foods. Also, Please use caution with using certain herbs too. Many have naturally high amounts of Iron and many are simply toxic to the Liver. Valerian root, certain mushrooms, Clove, Comphry and more can be very toxic. Mega-Vitamins many times can be dangerous too. Most Multi-Vitamins out there are man-made supplements that are 100% high in fortified Iron and most times man-made Vitamin A not natural Beta-Carotene. So, don't take them! We need vitamin A in its natural form Beta-Carotene like from carrots. Please avoid toxic amounts of Niacin too. Sugar is so hard for the liver to process and I was eating too many cookies and junk food. I have learned that people that crave lots of sugar oftentimes are loaded with Candida a type of fungus that's really hard on the system too. Do you crave sugar? So cleaning up my system meant dealing with the sugar issues too. It's all changed for the better today. Promise! I avoid RED MEAT! I haven't eaten it now for years. Did you know that Red Meat takes 15-17 hours to digest? Think about it …All that energy that could be going to building up your Immune System and building up your T-cells to fight the virus is going to digesting that meal. Is it worth it? Red meats if they're not organic also loaded with toxins i.e.: hormones and pesticides. And most of us don't need more Estrogen. Did you know that RED MEAT is LOADED with IRON? Remember high iron load can progress liver scarring. So what do I eat now?! All kinds of yummy things like Turkey and Salmon, Fish and Pasta. I love streamed veggies and I make a mean brown rice in my rice cooker these days. Did you know Brown Rice is a protein? I make stir-fry with Chicken and fresh veggies. And a quick an easy oriental soup with a bag of stir-fry veggies and a box of low sodium & low fat chicken broth from Trader Joe's. Please use Sea Salt and avoid high amounts of Sodium. Sodium can cause water retention/Ascities which can be a big concern. And most Fast Foods can be extremely high in salt. Also packaged soups, many cheeses and even corn flakes are loaded with salt.

A natural salt flavor can be found in Braggs Amino Acids and they are so healthy for you and great flavor without the salt. And I'm a big fan of pink Himalayan salt. Most cereals are loaded with iron too. I loveeee my GREENS! Avoid Ice Berg lettuce because it's loaded with pesticides! A no no. Go for Romaine or mixed fresh greens. Organic really is better = no pesticides! Keep those toxic chemicals out've the liver. Today I make my own fresh salad dressing from Olive Oil, fresh lemon, rice vinegar, & a garlic mustard. All fresh with none of the toxic preservatives and sugars you get in bottled salad dressings from the market. Most fruit juices are loaded with sugar too! Not good… Check out the labels. I don't drink juice any longer. I put lemon in my water at least twice a day. And I use rice milk and coconut milk or almond milk in my smoothies with my SUPER GREENS. And use rice milk over my oatmeal. Did you know that Pomegranate juice also builds up your platelets along with your Immune System! And I'm a fan of something called Wayne's Silver Water Products for helping get rid of parasites and raising our pH, and building up our Immune Systems! You can order the "Clean me Up Program " and the RBC products - juust give me a call and I'll have them drop shipped to you at the best wholesale prices. Don't try to order online - please call me.

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Today, I eat many more rich green foods like salads, spinach, and broccoli and I started making fresh fruit smoothies every morning years ago. Wayne Silver Water Greens are packed full of all kinds of Greens and rich nutrients like Spirulina and Chorella. I still switch out and use the Spirulina Powder and Green Phyto Power in my Vita mixer from RBC. Both Products are awesome! All loaded with vital Amino Acids for energy & proten, good brain function, essential Vitamins & Minerals. Email me @ DianaRoars@yahoo.com and I'll send you my smoothie recipe! I purchased a very strong water filter too. It took literally less than 5 minutes for me to install by myself on top of the counter. Now I rinse all my veggies and fruits with this filtered water so I don't have to worry about ingesting the toxins from the tap water. And just this week there was a local water scare. I've learned just how bad pesticides are. I live in Los Angeles county and believe me you don't drink the tap water here. I've learned that everything we eat is literally processed through our livers. So why make an already challenged liver work harder by eating pesticides. I found out right away that my body responded with more real energy and better memory and even keener eyesight when I started these products. And even more when I started to change what I was eating and what I was thinking! Remember too that we absorb through our skin - so if you work around chemicals like paints or heavy cleaners please open the windows and wear gloves! And I put a filter on my showerhead to combat chlorine. This goes for everyday cleaning the house too! GO GREEN! Be very concerned about mold & mildew. Clean up the shower & kitchen sink areas. If you know you have mold - get rid of it or move out. Many people have mold under carpet they've cleaned over and over and don't realize it. Less chemicals the better for the Liver. I use environmental products from places like Trader Joe's here in California. GO GREEN it's so much healthier. MOST of the cleaning products we grew up with are TOXIC! Email me and I'll give you some ideas !

Why This Program and This Company? I have personally met the founder and believe they're from good, clean, mostly organic, wholesome sources. They have deeper absorption and better potency and they're powerful at Immune Stimulation!!! I've personally met the Scientists and Doctors behind this company and feel extremely safe taking these products myself. I have looked high and low and researched so much for nearly 15 years now, And I feel confident sharing about them. The base of the program is something called Microhydrin Plus, Artichoke Clusters to clean up the Liver and Gallbladder, Immune 360 to stimulate T Cells, and add along Digestive Enzymes & probiotics, SUPER GREENS, Fatty Acids, Liquid Trace Minerals. And you'll be on an awesome, aggressive program! Give me a call or email me and I can help you order at wholesale and save.

For those of us that have been around Alternative Medicine now for a while, there was also a very well known Hepatitis C Trial done years ago by Dr. Berkson. In Dr. Berkson's research he confirmed excellent results with measured amounts of Milk Thistle, Selenium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, NAC & Alpha Lipoic Acid. ALL of these Antioxidants are in the Microhydrin PLUS!!! You don't have to run around and spend the time and money buying everything separate. There's a program you'll follow. And, Did you know that by taking Vitamin E and Selenium at the same time that it synergistically creates an even stronger antioxidant! Powerful stuff. FYI - men need more Selenium than women. The good news is, Your liver given the proper nutritional support can & does regenerate healthy new tissue. Think about how strong this statement is and its been medically proven! You'll read on all kinds of HepC website now about how Killer T-Cells fight off the HCV Virus. And how only the HCV Virus and the HIV Virus (Aids) are the only viruses that live on the inside of the cell unlike most pathogens that live on the outside of a cell. This makes HCV harder to treat or kill because it's actually inside the cell-wall. Certain Antioxidants are also anti-viral's that build up our own interferon and Natural Killer T-Cells. Killer T-Cells are the only cells that can penetrate the Liver Cell wall to get in there and destroy the Virus.

Add fresh lemon to your water every morning - all day! Fresh Lemon is a GREAT Liver detoxifier! Did you know that the enzymes in fresh lemon help to stimulate our body's own natural Glutathione? And that Glutathione is a natural and essential detoxifier in the liver! And there are many that will confirm that supplementing store bought L-Glutathione is just a waste of your money. That your body will create its own Glutathione when you supply the natural Vitamin C! I've heard Lance Armstrong's Sports Doctor speak here in Los Angeles and was amazed on his knowledge on the importance of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. How they are essential to proper Nero-Transmitter functions. Good sources of Omega 3's & 6's are: DHA or "I.Q." , Flax Seed Oil & Flax Seed Meal, Fresh Fish, Fish Oils, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. I drizzle a little Flax Seed Oil into my Spirulina Smoothie everyday. I love organic coconut oil on my toast now instead of butter or please use organic butter!

I've attended Hepatitis conferences all across the country. I have to say I have not been that active say the last ten years. I'm happy and healthy and living life now! Like I said earlier the first few years I attended the NIH Conference for "CAM" as a patient, then I flew to San Francisco after being asked to speak at the big Hepatitis C Global Conf.on an Alternative Treatment panel with my doctor at the time. And what an honor that was! The following year I went to Boston for the AMA Conf. and my mom went with me. The AMA Conf. included Alternative Treatments for HepC along with Clinical TXs panels. And I've had a booth set up for "Alternative Hope for HepC" there and in Houston at the Hepatitis Magazine conference. I have met so many wonderful people over the years. And you can imagine how many 'experts' on all sides of the coin. The strongest voices for me have always been people like you and me - the ones living with HepC. We are the ones that 'know.' We know we're not nuts when our doctors tell is the liver has no pain but we feel it. We've felt the aches & pains every morning. We know what its like to be scared to death when we got the news. And we know how it feels to jump with joy getting great news back with excellent blood work improvements. My local doctor today even passes out my cards to her patients that want to learn more about what they can do to support healthier liver functions and better quality of life. Now, How about that! She's awesome! I talk to people almost everyday from calls from my website! And I love it! So please do give me a call. That's why I have my website up!

So, If you're ready to get started right away you can give me a call! I'd love to talk with you and help answer some questions. I can take your order over the phone and get you safely started on the program. So please feel free to call me PST time at: 818 995-1179. Thank you again for visiting my website. I've met some amazing people on this life journey the past 14 years! My life is much richer and so much healthier now with all the wonderful friends and memories. God Bless you all! Please do come back and visit anytime. I'll be here. And please do pass along my link! Many thanks! May God bless you and your family always.

Love and Blessings,


Eat Healthy Vegetables and Fruits

Healthy Food tips!

I drink lemon water every day now. And I don't drink sodas any more at all. Herbal teas are best like Green Tea or Red Roobios. I use Veganaise or organic mayonnaise instead of old school mayo that's loaded with fats. I eat more fresh salads with tuna, grilled chicken or salmon for protein. I buy sprouted breads today. And avoid white breads and sour dough as they turn to gluten (sugar) in the gut. There's nothing like the taste of a good sprouted 'everything bagel' toasted with coconut oil - vs - an old fashioned bagel and cream cheese loaded with fats & sugar. Try it! I haven't had any red meat what so ever now for nearly 15 years. I eat organic chicken and turkey. Make turkey tacos. And love a good grilled Salmon dinner with brown rice and steamed veggies. I make a SUPER GREEN drink every morning now with Rice & Coconut Milk and add 2 scoops of Super Greens and a scoop of RED powder and shake it up. It's filling, very low calorie, and loaded with antioxidants and protein and tastes GREAT! Think and buy organic. You can make roasted garlic & lemon chicken surrounded with all kinds of yummy veggies like carrots and celery, potatoes and even cabbage and have a great dinner and wonderful left over's to make sandwiches and meals for days. I make organic brown rice in a cooker adding sautéed yellow & red peppers, celery, onions and garlic that lasts all week. Just add your grilled chicken or salmon = awesome, healthy dinners for the whole family! The best investments I've made are my George Forman Grill, Juicer, Vitamix, and my Rice cooker! Organic and fresh is BEST! Eat some fresh fruit after dinner instead of ice cream or cake. Grab a piece of fruit in the afternoon instead of a bag of chips or a cookie. It can take a minute to retrain the brain and your palate but in time you'll find you'll start to automatically be guided to what's healthier and what supports your decision to live a strong and happy life! Be well & Bon Appétit !!!


Hep C Do’s And Don’ts !!!


Don’t stress out

Avoid Stressful People as much as possible

Don’t Blame Yourself or others

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Don’t eat foods fortified with Iron

Don’t eat foods fortified with Vitamin A

Don’t Eat too many Fried Food

Don’t Eat too many sugars, fruit's ok

Avoid Red Meat and Pork

Avoid certain Herbs like Valerian Root & Clove and Comphry

Avoid man-made multi-vitamins

Don’t use Toxic Cleaning Products or Air Fresheners

Don’t live with Mold or Mildew

Don’t be bullied into Interferon Treatment

If you have not had Hepatitis A do not eat shellfish

Don't share your razor or toothbrush

Avoid drinking Tap water


De-Stress - Breathe - Relax - Take Walks

Let go of toxic relationships or work

Meditate - Yoga - Exercise - Prayer

Love Yourself

Forgive yourself and others

Smile more !

Write a gratitude list daily

Ask lots of Questions Ask for Help

Eat Organic – More Raw Fruits and Veggies

Eat more Salmon Turkey Natural Foods

Drink lots of good water

Add fresh lemon to your water every day

Buy Green Cleaning Products ONLY

Add a shower filter

Get yourself started on an Alternative Protocol

Make up a dream board!




Colloidal Silver Water Products


CGAM – Silver Water Products – The Clean Me Up Program Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils. What can our bodies do but get sick without enough nutrients available?




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